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What Our Clients Say!

Stephanie was very friendly and knowledgeable. She was able to provide me information pertaining to power of attorney, wills and health proxy specific to my state; as well as what the process entails. She was responsive via email and always had time to answer all my questions. I also appreciated her professional demeanor when discussing sensitive topics. I would not only use her services again but would recommend her as well.

Elysia Lopez

Camille was my former legal assistant. She is bright, hard working and knowledgeable. She would always go the extra mile and assist all of the lawyers. I would definitely hire her for some paralegal work now that I am on my own.

Michael B.

Stephanie was my legal assistant while I was an Assistant State Attorney. I found her to be diligent and conscientious regarding her work. She would always complete tasks timely and always had a positive attitude. I highly recommend her services.

Joseph M.

I've known Camille and Stephanie for years. Both offer an unmatched level of expertise and know-how. Both have years of experience dealing with large volumes of documents and complex litigation. I've personally watched these ladies draft and organize documents, conduct legal research, and generally asset with boxes of files with speed and professionalism. Both would be an assist to any team!!!

Keith B.

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