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C&S Virtual Paralegals Paralegal Services Provider

C & S Virtual Paralegals, LLC is a woman and minority-owned business based in Orlando, Florida. We are a premier virtual paralegal services provider that delivers legal support to local attorneys in Florida and nationwide. In addition to virtual paralegal services for attorneys, document preparation services are available to the general public. 



Years of Legal Experience Combined

We Provide High Quality Services...

With 20+ years in the legal industry combined, co-owners Camille and Stephanie, have experience with paralegal services in different areas of law for both the public and private sectors. C&S Virtual Paralegals specialize in providing paralegal services to attorneys whose practice areas focus on criminal defense, personal injury, probate & estate planning, civil litigation, immigration, and other areas of law. C&S Virtual Paralegals works with solo attorneys and small to mid-size law firms to efficiently meet their operational challenges and demands by providing paralegal services at a cost-effective rate. Our service offering provides attorneys with flexibility and stress-free solutions for their case management needs.


Remote paralegal services include administrative assistance, client communications, calendaring, drafting pleadings, e-filing, scheduling depositions and/or hearings, and case management. Services provided are based on a contractor rate with the flexibility to choose from hourly, monthly, part-time, or full-time staffing solutions. For the general public, document preparation services are available for family, immigration, and bankruptcy law matters in Florida. 

Camille, Stephanie, and their dedicated team of contract paralegals pride themselves on integrity, efficiency, transparency, accountability, continuous learning, excellence, and teamwork. Our team has experience as a virtual paralegal in Florida and nationwide. Clients continuously utilize our paralegal services our strong work ethic, consistency, professionalism, reliability, responsiveness, and quality work product. 

C&S Virtual Paralegals exist to provide exceptional virtual paralegal services to the legal community in effort to help attorneys get the support they require to manage their day-to-day law firm needs. Whether you’re are an attorney in other states or seeking a virtual paralegal in Florida, C&S Virtual Paralegals is here to assist with your everyday legal support needs. 

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Why Work With
C&S Virtual Paralegals?
Cost Effective

Our pricing model allows attorneys and/or law firms to save on operational costs. Attorneys can work with a contract paralegal at a fraction of a cost of W-2 employee. This reduces the firm’s overhead cost allocated for employee benefits, payroll, employee taxes, and payroll taxes. By choosing to work with C&S Virtual Paralegals, attorneys can save an estimated $8,860 - $54,760 per year.


C&S Virtual Paralegals provides an alternative staffing solution for attorneys and law firms. Our paralegals are based in the U.S. with 3 to 30+ years’ experience in multiple states and jurisdictions. Areas of expertise include criminal defense, family law, personal injury, probate & estate planning, immigration, and civil litigation. All contract paralegals are vetted through our hiring process. This includes formal interviews, skillset and/or personality assessments, background checks, and reference checks. Contract paralegals employed by C&S Virtual Paralegals are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect you and your firm.


C&S Virtual Paralegal’s service model offers several solutions based on the attorney’s needs and caseload. Our service offerings include project-based hours, monthly hours, part-time service, or full-time service. Our team of contract paralegals have the capability to handle special projects and/or overflow. Is your in-house paralegal on vacation or sick leave? C&S Virtual Paralegals can also assist with short-term and/or long-term staffing issues or shortages.

Save Time

Save time and increase productivity with C&S Virtual Paralegals! Our on-demand enhances efficiency and effectiveness of your law firm by reducing time spent on research and drafting case management documents. We provide remote notary services that not only saves attorneys time, but your clients as well.


What Is a Virtual Paralegal?

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What Is a Document Preparer?

A certified legal document preparer (CLDP) is someone who is certified by the state to help prepare legal documents for people who do not have lawyers. 

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